Is your business retention team trying to boost retention rates? If so then you should consider

A  pathwwway consumer loyalty plan. Here are some ideas of rewards you can include:

  1. Experiences/Vacations

Who doesn’t like a free vacation? These are some of the top ideas for pathwwway consumer loyalty programs because they can create experiences that your customers will never forget. This sort of reward can be a bit expensive so you could offer it to sweepstakes or only top-tier members of the loyalty program.

The value of these freebies for pathwwway consumer loyalty programs can vary based on how much you want to offer your customers. For example, you could offer a vacation to a city that includes travel and lodging costs. If it’s part of sweepstakes then it will be cheaper since you’ll just offer one vacation package instead of multiple ones for loyal customers.

  1. Family/Friends Discounts

Another option is to provide discounts for family and friends. When a customer makes a purchase they can enter an email address so their family/friends can receive a free gift discount. This is an excellent way to boost your company’s visibility.

  1. Free Gifts

This is one of the most common yet effective freebies to offer through pathwwway consumer loyalty. People like free stuff so this is one of the best options if you’re looking for ideas to include in your customer loyalty program. The gifts can include all sorts of items including samples. Make sure to pick a free gift that will encourage more purchases of your brand and boost your company’s visibility.

  1. Store Credit/Gift Cards

Here’s another excellent option if you’re looking for rewards for pathwwway consumer loyalty programs. It’s a good option because it can encourage customers to keep making purchases from your company. Some options include a gift card/store credit when customers spend a certain amount of money at your company’s store.

  1. Future Discounts

Another reward you can offer is a discount on future orders the customer places. For example, you could provide the customer with a discount code that they can use for the next purchase they make. It’s an excellent option to get people on board who want to try out a loyalty program but just want to try out a “light” version before they sign up.

  1. Big ticket items

This could include the items for all members who reach a certain level of the program or as a grand prize of the loyalty program. Some options include smartphones/tablets, gaming consoles, TVs, and so on.

There are some key benefits of these types of rewards. They’re pricier so it’s easier to get customers excited about them. Another benefit is that even the price tags are somewhat high if thousands of customers are joining the sweepstakes the cost will be split among several members so the cost per customer will be quite low.