Who are your most loyal customers? One of the best ways to learn that is through client retention strategies. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Proactive customer service

Why is this one of the best client retention strategies? Keep in mind that studies show most customers won’t tell your business about the problems they have with your business. In fact, a study by Lee Resources International shows that less than 4% of customers inform companies about complaints they have. The vast majority of customers with problems just leave your business without informing you of any problems.

One of the best options is Pathwwway Romania proactive customer support emails. These should be sent to clients who are shopping less with your company. The email should have a friendly tone and simply ask if there’s anything your online company can do to provide better customer service. It’s also important to provide an open line of communication so the person can inform your company if there’s anything it can help with them.

  1. Customer Effort

More specifically it’s important to reduce customer effort. In fact, many experts say that this is more important for retaining customers than amazing customers. It can involve various issues like a click-through of your site, shipping options, and so on. If you make the overall experience of your customers easier they’ll be more likely to keep doing business with your company.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Here’s one of the top client retention strategies to find out if your company is keeping your clients happen. There are different intervals you could like every quarter. Besides having customers give your business a score for customer service what else should you ask? Ask customers to explain why they gave your company a particular score. You should also ask how likely it is the customer will recommend your company to friends and family. These two questions will help your company get an insight about whether or not it’s on the right track in terms of customer service.

  1. Value of Products/Services

If you want to retain more customers one of the best ways is to reinforce the value of your company’s offerings. It’s even a good idea to remind customers about the value the products/services contain. One study showed that waiters/waitresses who brought candy with the check received a bigger tip. In the same way, you can give your clients “candy” through customer service “surprises.” This helps to remind them of the value you’re offering them.

  1. Customer Service

Studies show that it’s important to exceed your customers’ expectations if you want to improve customer loyalty. There’s more! If you’re able to do this on a consistent basis it will help to provide long-term customer loyalty. How important is top-notch customer service? An American Express study showed that US customers share good customer service experiences with about 9 people. Providing a way for customers to provide referrals is an excellent way to find out who your most loyal customers are.

These are some of the top client retention strategies if you’re looking for the best ways to find your most loyal customers.