Are you developing a retention marketing strategy? You might be surprised by how much they’ve changed in the past decade. Here are some of the ways:

  1. New Tech

The ways that customer retention is done has changed during the past decade. This has resulted from various factors. That includes major tech changes including social media and mobile devices. These types of trends have had a major effect on how companies have done marketing to retain customers. The goal is still the same as it’s always been in terms of the end result. However, companies have had to make adjustments due to factors like how people access the Internet.

Some of the biggest developments have included the launch of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. While social media has existed for a while during the past decade has seen the growth of 2004-founded Facebook. These are some of the biggest developments that have affected retention marketing.

  1. Social Media

Social media has actually been around since 1997. However, it’s skyrocketed in popularity during the past decade. Consider the fact that Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users and about 80% of online US adults use the social platform. This has had a major influence on the strategies companies use to retain customers.

The main reason in terms of retention marketing strategy is people are interacting with companies differently now. For example, people might follow their favorite brands’ social accounts to learn about news and info that can improve how they do their shopping. They can learn about a wide variety of subjects that might not be directly related to the next product they’ll shop for.

  1. Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices has also had a major effect on retention marketing strategy. For example, the number of mobile Google searches recently passed the number of PC searches. This was a major development and shows that mobile has become more important than ever for companies as a way to engage/keep customers. Pathwwway Gambling can help your company develop an effective mobile marketing campaign to reach those customers.

  1. Digital Communication

Here’s another major development during the past decade that affects retention marketing. More customers are shopping online instead of in physical stores. As a result, it’s important to interact effectively with them through various channels. That includes social, mobile, web, chat, email, and others.

If your company wants to stay competitive and keep its customers it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with your customers. This includes different issues. For example, if they have questions or problems they want them deal with as soon as possible. Today’s customers also tend to use multiple devices. So it’s important for your company to offer various ways your customers can contact your business. That will provide more flexibility and increase the chance they’ll be able to effectively communicate with you about issues.

These are some of the top ways the retention marketing strategy has changed in the past 10 years. Develop a strategy that’s right for your company. The company provides various web services including customer retention.