How important should millennial customers be to your loyalty marketing program? It’s important to make them a priority in order to maximize the number of members the program racks up. Here are some key facts:


1. They use multiple devices


This probably isn’t surprising since millennials use technology more than all other age groups. That said, the figures are very interesting in terms of your loyalty marketing program. EliteDaily reports that over 85% of millennials daily use 2-3 tech devices 1+ times.


This is a key statistic in terms of your company’s loyalty program. In particular, it means your company should focus on the loyalty program accessible to the younger generation through various devices like PC/Mac, and smartphone/tablet. This will make it easier for them to sign up and participate in the loyalty program since they might use a different device on different days. This is probably a general approach your company should probably be taking anyway but it’s especially important when marketing younger generations.


2. They like to experience new things


Harris/Eventbrite reports that nearly 80% of millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences instead of products. This might seem like it would oppose the idea of targeting the age group for your company’s loyalty marketing program. However, the opposite is true. It shows that while they’re the biggest consumer group in the US and other countries they’re not just interested in getting more things.


This is why a loyalty program can be quite effective. It gives them the chance to get rewards based on their purchases. These programs can be based on different systems like points or tiers. The key is it’s all about the experience shoppers can have by earning rewards based on their purchases. This is definitely in line with the statistic as it focuses on the customer’s overall experience instead of traditional marketing. Pathwwway can help to design such programs as part of its customer retention services.


3. They are brand loyal


This might be surprising since there’s a general misconception that millennials a aren’t brand loyal. However, Elite Daily reports that 60% said in a survey that they’re often/always loyal to brands they purchase now. This is quite important in terms of your company’s loyalty program. It shows that you should definitely be targeting millennials because over half of them are brand loyal.


The caveat your company must remember is you still have to give a reason for them to be loyal shoppers. If that’s the case then it will be more likely for customers to keep buying from your company instead of the competition. Make sure that you’re offering quality products at good prices. Customer service is also important and it’s one of the top priorities of millennials as well. If you keep these issues in mind you’ll be on your way to boosting participation in the loyalty program.


These facts should that millennials should be a top priority for your company’s loyalty marketing program. Help to make that happen through services like digital sales and customer retention. They can help to design a program that will most effectively target various age groups like millennials.