What are the top customer retention ideas this year? There are many options you can pick from and here are some of the ones you should definitely consider:

  1. Set your customers’ expectations

Here’s one of the best customer retention ideas to consider. One of the key dynamics of business is future projections and that includes what your customers are expecting. Customer service shouldn’t just about dealing with questions or complaints. It’s also important to meet and exceed their expectations. That’s even true when you didn’t receive feedback.

It’s critical to build relationships with your customers. Make sure you know what they’re looking for so you can set their expectations.  This helps to empower your customers and studies show that’s what they want instead of being controlled.

One of the best ways to meet expectations is to keep your company’s promises. A big mistake of many companies is making promises they can’t keep. This is true regardless of which industry a company is in. In fact, it’s better to under-promise so it’s easier to exceed the customers’ expectations. That will help to boost your company’s retention rate because being unable to keep your promises can have a devastating effect on your company.

  1. Use software automation

Here’s one of the top customer retention ideas for this year. This allows software to deal with some of your routines automatically. This can be used for different aspects of your business but some of the most popular options are for marketing.

The cost of manually monitoring and communicating with customers can be very expensive. There are many daily processes to maintain so one of the best options is automation. There are still many issues to deal with including low data quality and marketing techniques. Automation can help speed up the marketing process and give you an edge over the competition.

  1. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

One of the top customer retention ideas this year is to add objective customer reviews/testimonials to your website. This can help to retain customers. That’s because it includes resources your company already has and doesn’t require the use of company resources.

Metrics like star ratings and reviews are valuable for various reasons. How valuable are they? A Brandify showed that nearly 90% of respondents reported that their purchase decisions are affected by negative reviews. This shows the value of providing reviews/testimonials to your customers. In fact, even big companies like Apple, Wal-Mart, and eBay read reviews about different products.

One key reason this type of feedback is important is customers are often cautious about buying products online and especially digital products. It’s important to know what people are saying about your brand and products. Studies by Pathwwway show that over 90% of customers read reviews before making an online purchase.

These are both powerful tools for your company in order to help retain customers. If you’re not using the tools you should certainly consider starting. It’s important for the reviews/testimonials to be unbiased and they don’t have to be completely positive.

If you’re creating a plan this year to keep your company’s clients these are some of the best customer retention ideas. They can help to prevent customers from shopping around.