Does your online company deliver food? If so you might be wondering which customer retention options are the best ones. Here are some you should definitely consider:


1. Launch a mobile app


An effective way to boost your food delivery company’s pathwwway customer retention is to offer customers a mobile app for smartphones/tablets. It’s much more convenient than just having a website and you can make ordering easier for people who are often out and about. An alternative is to make your website mobile-friendly. This can improve their experience but it’s even better if you launch an app instead.


2. Partner up for a virtual “food court”


A helpful customer retention tip for keeping customers it to team up with other companies. For example, you could create a virtual “food court” that gives customers the opportunity to pick from several restaurants in your area. This helps to provide a lot more options than if you’re just delivering from one restaurant. Make sure to consider offering a wide variety of different foods so there’s little crossover between the different companies. You’ll certainly want to avoid a lot of competition between different restaurants.


3. Interact with customers


It’s important to provide key info to your customers. If there are delays give updates. Give an estimated time for the delivery time. You could even offer an online tool that lets customers track their order. Most customers understand about why their delivery is late from time to time. That said, they just want to know the answer to the question “Where’s my food?”


4. Keep your promises


There are different types of promises your delivery service can make. If you want to increase customer retention rates then make sure you can keep them. There are all sorts of promises including price, quality, service, and so on. It’s better to set the bar lower so there will be a much less chance you can’t keep your promise if there’s an unexpected situation, for example.


When providing a unique selling proposition (USP) it’s just as important to keep your promise as making one. It will show your customers you’re serious about your business and keeping your promises.


5. Consider bike delivery


If your company is based on a large/congested city then this is a practical idea. The reason is bikers can get around much faster during rush hour and traffic jams than delivery cars. Does this mean you shouldn’t use delivery vehicles? There are times when it’s practical like between rush hours and the destination is too far to bike to.


Another plus of bike deliveries is they’re more eco-friendly. If your restaurant wants to reduce its carbon footprint then this is definitely a good option. Again, there are times when a car is more practical like when the customers is far away or you have tons of deliveries to make at one time. It’s just better to have both options to provide “greener” service.


These customer retention tips are some of the best ones if you want to deliver more than average service to your customers.