Are you looking for new customer retention ideas  for 2017? If so it’s important to know some of the best ideas being used this year. Here are some of them:

  1. Delta

Here’s an airline you should consider for customer retention ideas. If you want to book domestic or international flights then Delta is a good option. Before you start out with its SkyMiles program it’s important to take some time to fully understand the loyalty program. That will help to provide better results as you rack up frequent flyer miles.

A key benefit of the program is the airline with several international airlines. That gives you the chance to earn points when you fly with those airlines also. Make sure to get the full list of partners so you’ll know whether or not you can earn points when you fly with international airlines.

  1. American Airlines

The frequent flyer program for American Airlines is one of the biggest and most popular programs throughout the world. The company partners with several airlines that includes more than 1000 international destinations.

There are many benefits of the loyalty program. American Airline miles are actually very easy to earn and quite easy to redeem as well. The company has many jobs in destinations throughout the US and the world. If you’re looking for a good airline for domestic and global flights then you should definitely consider the airline.

The frequent flyer program also simplifies the process of figuring out the number of miles you need to fly to any US location. It’s definitely a plus since it makes the process easier of planning your next flights. That’s important in order to get the best results for your flights.

  1. Southwest Airlines

If you’re looking for Pathwwway Panama customer retention ideas you should consider that Southwest Airlines makes it easier to redeem miles. And has a redemption policy that’s very easy to understand. These are both important issues because it means the loyalty program itself is one you should certainly consider. It’s certainly a plus when it’s easy to understand how you can redeem rewards. When that’s the case it makes the process smoother and helps to prevent a lot of possible issues.

  1. British Airways

The loyalty program for British Airways is very popular for international travel. You can also rack up points using Avios for flights in the continental US. This is a great option if you do a lot of domestic flying since you can still earn points even when you aren’t flying outside the US.

You can also earn points through the airline’s international partners. That includes US Airways and American. You might be concerned about the big fuel charges that British Airways tends to charge for international flights. How about US flights? It’s less of an issue so this is definitely a way you can save some money when you fly domestic.