Is your small business ready for Christmas? If not it’s important to take steps to achieve goals like improving customer acquisition. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Deliver reminders/offers through push notifications

How effective are push notifications? If they’re not used effectively it can result in users turning them off or deleting them from the app. Just as Christmas is a great time for customer acquisition it’s also an excellent time to send push notifications to users of your mobile app. Just make sure not to send too many.

You can use this Pathwwway Gamble recommended system to send special offers/coupons and notify clients of any special operating hours during the holiday season. If you have other important info to provide your customers you can also use push notifications to do that. Again, the key is to avoid sending too many of them since it can annoy your customers and that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

  1. Host a Christmas charity drive

Here’s a great option during the time of giving. You could team up with a local charity and host a charity drive that’s also connected to Christmas. It should also be a charity that’s also connected to your target audience. Meet with the charity to find out ways you can provide help for the charity drive. There are various options like a food drive, donating a percentage of sales, or toy/clothing drive.

Make sure you focus on the charity itself. You can include your branding in the charity drive but you shouldn’t put the focus on your company. Encourage your clients to get involved in the charity drive and include some brand awareness. However, the focus should gain be on the charity drive itself.

  1. Targeting that’s location-based

This is an effective feature of your mobile app that you can use. It gives you the ability to alert clients of things like special offers when they’re located in a particular place. It’s important for the location not to be overly abroad. It’s best if it’s within a radius of 100-200 meters of your company. This is a better option than a whole neighborhood, town, or city.

Here’s another issue. The notifications are only viewed by clients when they’re close to your company. So it’s important for the offers to be current ones instead of future offers/events. If your company has a mobile app then this is an excellent holiday idea although it’s also an option for paid social advertising.

  1. Reward users of your company’s mobile app

Does your company have a mobile app? If so then it’s a great way to reward them since they help with areas like customer acquisition. You could offer special offers/coupons using the mobile app during the holiday shopping season. This helps to encourage your customers to use the app more often. Another plus is there’s no need to do printing when they make a payment. This is another plus since it provides a green option.

Which of these customer acquisition tips is your small business using? They’re some great options to help find new customers during the Christmas season.