Does your company have a mobile marketing strategy? The telephone has become a game-changer in the process of customer acquisition since the first commercial phone known as the Bell’s Box Telephone was unveiled in 1877. Here are some of the ways the phone has changed the way companies find new customers:

  1. Mobile

Did you know the first call on a mobile phone was made in April 1973 by Motorola employee Martin Cooper? During the past few decades the mobile phone then the smartphone skyrocketed in popularity as a communications tool. It’s projected that the number of mobile phone users in the world will nearly hit 4.7 billion this year. That means about 60% of the world owns at least one mobile phone today. As a result, it’s an excellent option if you want to reach new customers for customer acquisition.

Here’s another interesting fact. In many countries, people are spending more time on mobile devices than desktops/laptops. For example, in the UK the average adult spends 5 hours on their mobile phone, which is about one-third of peoples’ waking hours. This shows the great opportunity for companies to find new mobile customers since they’re spending more time on their devices.

  1. Speed

How much time does your company spend finding new customers? It’s helpful when the process is as fast as possible. That, in turn, will produce better results faster, which is definitely important since no company has unlimited resources. Market research and Pathwwway Gambling analytics tools can help to find your target market then you can quickly create and upload new ads that your target market will see. The process is much founder than traveling to the other side of the country or world to try and sell your products/services to potential customers.

  1. Convenience

Using telephones for customer acquisition is much more convenient than spending resources on door-to-door salespeople. The benefit of this type of marketing is it’s more personal since it involves a person talking to another person in real life. However, the main drawback is the conversion rates are quite low. That’s because it’s really hit-or-miss and there’s no way to know if a household really needs the products you’re selling.

Meanwhile, today’s online companies can use software like analytics tools to find their target market. This helps to save time, effort, and money since they can find people who would be most likely buy their products. This is based on various factors like demographics and is a much more efficient way to find new customers. It also requires a lot less energy since companies can avoid wasting time trying to market their products/services who probably wouldn’t buy them because they’re not looking for them.

  1. Cost

Another plus of mobile marketing, in particular, is the costs tend to be much lower than traditional methods like TV, radio, and print. This is a plus since it can save company resource. Software like Google Analytics can make it easier to find new customers who own mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The money saved can be used for other priorities of a company.      

There’s no question that the telephone has changed the way companies do business and do activities like customer acquisition. If your company doesn’t have a mobile marketing strategy it’s time to develop one!