Does your big law firm want to boost retention rates? If so then it’s important to create and implement the right client retention strategies. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Think like your client

Here’s one of the top Pathwwway Gamble client retention strategies for big law firms. Think about how you’d want to deal with law firms if you were the customer. This will help to provide you with insights that can help to provide better service to your clients. It can be tough when you’re in a situation that requires legal advice. Once you put yourself in your clients’ shoes it will be easier to provide the best service possible because you’ll imagine you’re the client. You wouldn’t want to get bad legal service, right?

  1. Focus on details

Make sure you remember to focus on the legal deals when dealing with your client’s legal matters. It’s easy to focus less on them after you’ve been in law school for a while. However, it’s the details that can make the difference between an average and top-notch lawyer. That’s why it’s such a major issue. When you take this approach you’ll provide better service to your customer and they’ll be more likely to become a repeat customer.

  1. Reply to emails within 24 hours

This is one of the most important steps you can take to boost retention rates. Phone calls should be returned within 2-3 hours or so. It’s all about showing your client you value their time and patronage.

  1. Review other firms

This is one of the best client retention strategies because it works. If your firm is having problems with retention rates then it’s helpful to learn what other firms are doing right. This could include other large law companies or small firms. What’s important is to find out what they’re doing to provide better customer service. You might not end up implementing all of the techniques you learn about but what’s important is it can give you some brainstorming ideas about how you can improve the service of your own law group.

  1. Make customer service front and center

This is another of the effective client retention strategies your law firm can use in order to boost retention rates. Top-notch customer service should start with the first time you contact the client. It’s important to create a good impression and provide the best service possible. If you do that then the customer will be much more likely to do business with you in the future. How about if customer service is sub-par? In that case, you probably shouldn’t expect to keep the client’s business.

  1. Share your firm’s policies with your customer

This is an important step to take with your customers. Make sure they have access to your terms & conditions. A law firm’s t&cs are critical because they include the legal requirements of the law firm and client. Without knowing your firm’s policies there’s a greater chance of future problems in terms of what the client expects. However, you make them clear from the get-go you can avoid a lot of hassles and pitfalls.

Which of these client retention strategies is your large law firm using? Which ones does it need to implement?