Are you having problems increasing your big hotel’s repeat customers? If so then it might be time to create and launch a retention marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips from Pathwwway Panama:

  1. Focus on the details

When you’re operating a big hotel this might seem like an impractical step to take in terms of your retention marketing strategy. However, it’s can boost return customers. There are many issues to deal with in a big hotel including the TV, air conditioning, facilities, etc.

Besides that, each of the items must be dealt with in a unique way. That’s why it’s important to focus on the details in order to provide the best possible service for your customers. If you do that they’ll be much more likely to pick your hotel over others when they’re in the area again.

  1. Increase customer engagement

This retention marketing strategy tip is especially today. That’s because consumers, in general, want to increase their engagement with companies. If you do that then it will be easier to boost your retention rates. When customers are committed and excited about your brand they’ll be more likely to remain loyal to your particular hotel.

There are various options you can use. Email newsletters are one of the best options. This can help to keep your customers updated about any fresh news/info related to the hotel and other related issues. This shows that your hotel cares about your customers and doesn’t just see them as sources of sales/profits. There are also many options today in the digital age for communicating with customers. They include social media, mobile, live chat, email, etc. This helps to make it easier to communicate with and interact with your customers.       

  1. Offer packages

Here’s another way you can boost retention rates. You could bundle a hotel stay with things like airline flights or car rentals.

  1. Give feedback forms

This is a great way to show you care about the thoughts and ideas of your guests. They’re very easy to complete yet can provide valuable data for your business. For example, your hotel can learn about the likes/dislikes of your guests. Then you can make tweaks to improve the overall service you’re offering them. Make sure to consider this option because it can help to improve your customer service and help to turn customers into loyal customers.

  1. Remember birthday/anniversaries

Here’s another item to include in your big hotel’s retention marketing strategy. Make sure to keep a record of special days of your guests like birthdays and anniversaries. You could send a greeting or coupon so the guest can enjoy a freebie/discount the next time they stay in your hotel. This is an easy yet effective way to show you’ve remembered the special day of your guest.

It’s highly likely your guests will respond well to this relationship management. Think about how many times we forget the birthdays of our loved ones. If a hotel you’ve stayed at remembers your birthday/anniversary it shows that’ve gone the extra mile to provide the best service possible.