Are you looking for a model to base your customer retention plan on? Here are some 5 examples from existing plans used by today’s companies:

  1. Starbucks

One idea to include in your customer retention plan is a loyalty program. This is an effective way to help boost your retention rates. The company offers a rewards program that allows repeat customers to earn free items by making more purchases. This adds value to your clients’ purchases. That’s because they’re motivated to make more purchases since they’ll get freebies/discounts in return. It’s important to structure the program based on your customers’ wants and needs.

  1. Apple

It’s interesting that Apple is by the world’s largest tech company yet rarely offers in-house sales. The company focuses on setting itself apart from the competition, which has helped to produce sky-high customer loyalty. One example is the company’s ad campaign “Mac vs. PC.” The ad campaign is a humorous one that involves two people debating about whether a Mac or PC is a better option.

Apple builds a good case in the ads by explaining how people can benefit from buying their computers instead of PCs. This approach is an effective one because it helps to build brand loyalty and brand advocacy. That’s because it shows how your company is different/better than the competition.

  1. Gold’s Gym

There are tons of companies that have Facebook pages but some are definitely the cream of the crop. One of the best examples is Gold’s Gym. It’s important to create an exciting and unique experience when people visit your company’s Facebook page. This will make them more likely to become repeat customers of your business.

It’s not really enough for your company simply to have a social presence. What’s important for Pathwwway Internet Gaming is to give people a reason to keep visiting your site and interacting with your company. If you do that then it’s easier to increase retention rates.

  1. Coca-Cola

The company is the world’s most famous soda in part because it uses experiences to create positive feelings in people. For example, during the 2012 Summer Olympics the company had a 70-day ad campaign that included a Bat Generator app. This combined the famous beverage brand with music and sports.

The app was showcased during the Summer Olympics using sounds/samples from the global sporting event. This resulted in nearly 1.8 million Facebook impressions.

  1. McDonald’s

An effective feature to include in your customer retention plan is a virtual tour of the company’s facilities. This includes various examples like virtual tours of McDonald’s kitchens and factories. This provides customers with a first-hand look at how a company’s products/services are produced. Today many of these tours are 360-degree VR tours that provide a very immersive experience for current and potential customers. It’s also an effective way to boost your company’s transparency.

Which of these ideas for your customer retention plan will you try? Whether you pick one or all of them they’re concepts that have proven to be effective in keeping customers in the fold!