Do you want your company to have the best consumer loyalty in the UK? If so you should consider these companies that have some of the most loyal consumers in the United Kingdom:

  1. Barclays

Barclays has one of the highest rates of consumer loyalty in the UK. The company offering banking and financial services is headquartered in London.  The company offers several types of products for personal/corporate banking. It also offers other products including credit cards. Barclays operates in more than 40 countries and employs about 120,000 people. There are various reasons the company has remained one of the UK’s largest companies. However, consumer loyalty is definitely identified by Pathwwway Gambling as one of the biggest factors. If you want to increase your retention rates you should consider the company’s various programs.

  1. Unilever

This is a Dutch-British consumer goods company. It’s headquartered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and London in the UK. The company produces a wide variety of products including beverages, food, personal care, and cleaning agents. Unilever is the world’s biggest consumer goods company by revenue (2012). It’s also the world’s largest maker of food spreads including margarine. The company is also one of the top-10 most valuable companies in Europe and one of the oldest companies.  Unilever sells its products in about 190 countries.

  1. Vodafone

Here’s a company with some of the top consumer loyalty in the UK. The British telecom is headquartered in London and operates in various regions including Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s one of the one’s largest mobile operator companies. Vodafone was founded in 1991 and has become one of the top 10 companies on the London Stock Exchange. The company is also listed on NASDAQ. There’s a lot of competition in the telecom industry so it’s quite impressive that Vodafone has remained one of the largest companies in the UK.

  1. The Royal Bank of Scotland

The bank is one of the biggest banks in Scotland and the UK. It has about 700 branches are mostly located in Scotland. However, there are also branches in big cities/towns in England as well as Wales. The banks’ umbrella company is The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The bank is almost three centuries old and was founded in 1727. The company has remained one of the UK’s largest banks over the years due to factors like high consumer loyalty. This explains why it’s existed for nearly 300 years.

  1. Lloyds Banking Group

Here’s another company that’s earned high consumer loyalty in its industry. The British financial company was formed when it was acquired in 2009. The company was founded over two decades ago in 1995 and is headquartered in Scotland. However, the company’s roots can be traced to 1695, which was the year the Parliament of Scotland as well as the Bank of Scotland ere formed. This was the UK’s second-oldest bank. Since its founding Lloyds Banking Group has maintained high loyalty among consumers. This is a key factor because it shows the company has been effective in maintaining high customer retention rates, which is important.

Which of these UK companies with top-notch consumer loyalty will you try to emulate?