Do you own or operate a startup? IF so then you might be wondering which customer acquisition strategies are the most effective ones for your company. Here are some great options:

  1. Create leads through custom tools

The goal is to boost leads generate through relevant custom tools. The key word is “relevant.” For example, big mistake companies often make is building a tool that creates tons of traffic but isn’t relevant to their company or the leads aren’t quality ones.

  1. Answer questions on Quora

If you’re looking for a cost-effective method for boosting customer acquisition this is one of the best options. The goal is to generate referral traffic to your company’s website by answering Quora questions that are relevant to your company. This is a social network that’s question-based. There are many questions asked about many topics so also many to answer.

This situation provides opportunities to find new customers through your content. In fact, in the case of SaaSTR’s CO, he racks up over 1 million views per month on Quora questions he’s answered.

  1. Publish content on other websites

This is an effective method because it boosts the amount of relevant traffic to your own site and also increases your rankings for organic search.

You’ve probably heard some bad feedback about guest blogging and particularly as it relates to SEO. That’s because several companies have been overusing it. The key is to use it effectively. The key is to work with blogs that have a super-relevant audience to help refer web traffic to your site. The key is to carefully pick sites where you want to publish content. There are various issues to take up. These include the amount of engagement, traffic, conversions, etc. the method can create. If it’s worthwhile then it’s an option you should consider.

  1. Use unique data to build content

You can earn traffic, backlinks, and press coverage based on your content. If you invest a lot in content it can be quite risky. Spending more on content marketing won’t always produce big results.  Meanwhile, not investing enough in your content can also produce few new customers.

If you want to increase your traffic through mentions in big online publications then it’s a good idea to source original data. That’s because journalists are big fans of original data and particularly when it could be used to tell a bigger story. Another key factor is using good timing.

  1. Test conversion rates for keywords

This customer acquisition method from Pathwwway Panama can be quite effective for finding new customers. This about learning which keywords produce the highest conversion rates via search. Then focus on boosting their ranking in organic search.

If your company doesn’t have a lot of SEO experience then keyword research can be a tough task. This can result in ranking for specific terms being ineffective, which is definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid. There are various examples including assuming that ranking for a broad query with a big search volume each month will result in big revenue boosts.