Gaining regular customers is part of any effective customer loyalty plan. This is because gaining return customers is good for business. To win new regular customers is something terrific. This is because happy regular customers make free marketing by recommending a company. They always bring new sales. And they do not run straight to the competition whenever there is a new product that has been released. Therefore, it would be a good idea to focus more resources of your company into acquiring the loyalty of your customers. And to do that it would be a good idea to look at some examples set by successful UK brands.

These following UK brands are identified by Pathwwway Gambling as masters at customer loyalty, and it would not hurt your own marketing strategy if you took a page from their book.

  1. Tesco

This UK-based shop is definitely a great example of a brand that has got a lot of loyal customers. This is because Tesco regularly gives out promotional items and gifts. Everyone likes gifts. But how does one present a promotional item in such a way that it remains in memory? It is clear: classic promotional items, such as pens or lanyards are pretty effective. Many customers expect this. They do not regard the advertising present as a gift but as a matter of promotion. Tesco gives out many of its promotional items in order to gain the loyalty of their customers. And it is through these promotional items that they can gain a lot of free advertising as well.

  1. Costa

This coffee chain regularly gives its customers a way to gain loyalty points. And this is a really effective way to gain those customers patronage. Many baristas distribute stamp cards to reward returning customers with a free coffee. This is simple and seemingly successful, the prospect of a concrete reward in exchange for loyalty, in an industry with cheap, interchangeable products.

  1. Asos

This online fashion shop does not only get loyal customers in their home country, but around the world as well. How does Asos do this? Simple, they market their message during the right moments. You can do the same as well. Ideally, the content of your message is relevant to them. But here is the problem. Too many companies are spamming their customers. They do not manage to differentiate what they see as a good reason to get in touch with their customers and what a good reason their clients look like.

  1. Waitrose

Waitrose is another UK-grocery chain that pays close attention to customer loyalty. Their marketing campaigns are structured in a way to pay close attention to customer behaviour. And they monitor that data very closely. A decline in usage or inactivity since their customer’s last registration or recent purchase could mean that he or she has false expectations of their service. Therefore, Waitrose will accordingly adjust their promotional campaign or service to meet those expectations.

These UK Brands are definitely what you should look up to in terms of customer loyalty. If you recognize a few names on this list, then you definitely should. This is because those brands based in the UK have gone above and beyond in gaining the loyalty of their customers.