Do you own or operate a sporting equipment company? If so then you might be looking for effective ways to find new customers. Here are some of the top customer acquisition options:

  1. Fantasy Sports

This customer acquisition option is definitely an option worth considering. The industry keeps growing in popularity and value so it’s a practical option for companies in various sports industries like equipment. It’s also a helpful way to boost your social presence.

You can participate in fantasy sport to boost loyalty past average shoppers in the market for sports equipment. You can consider adding elements like store contests. This will help to extend your reach beyond traditional advertising.

Social marketing has become one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your company. The key is to engage your visitors/followers. Fantasy sports is definitely one of the top benefits for sports equipment companies since it puts sports front and center in an activity that’s becoming increasing popularity. Fantasy sports and social media are a winning combination to boost leads, engagement, and sales.

  1. Mobile Apps

Did you know Google has over 2.8 million apps at its Play Store? Apple has over 2.8. apps at its App Store. If your sports equipment company is looking for new customers mobile apps are one of the best ways to connect with new prospective customers. You can use the apps to offer things like coupons, deals, and rewards.

In some cases it might not be practical to develop a mobile app for your site due to issues like the price tag. In that case it’s important to use responsive web design (RWD) to make your site mobile-friendly. It might seem practical to have two separate website and mobile websites but that’s not the case. One mobile-friendly site is better. It provides the same user experience for visitors using different devices and screen sizes.

Another option from Pathwwway Gaming is to invest in mobile advertising. This is an incredible way to boost your mobile presence without actually developing a mobile app. In fact it could be a stepping stone your sports equipment retailer wants to consider.

  1. Older Audiences

Sports equipment stores often focus on a customer profile that includes younger athletes and fans. However, it’s important for your company to also look for new customers among older age groups.

There’s various steps you can take. You could add some older salespeople to your force so your store can target older customers better. Another option is to promote products for sports that require less space or fewer players. These are generally more popular with older groups since they’re less likely to play full-contact football, for example.

This customer acquisition approach will help your company to reach all generations of sports fans, which is a good goal. As fans get older their sports participation might change but they’re still avid fans that might need to buy equipment for softball, tennis, basketball, and golf.

Why not try these customer acquisition methods? The industry is no game so it’s important to take the right steps in order to find the right customers.